Robert Fripp, Estonia

Wow! I just found out that King Crimson’s Robert Fripp is playing in Estonia.

Of course I just bought my tickets, immediately and came here to let you know.

Brian Eno, Bowie, Blondie, Talking Heads, FSOL etc etc have all benefited from his gifted guitar abilities.

Get tickets here

ROBERT FRIPP (UK), Soundscapes/ Helimaastikud

Tallinna Pühavaimu kirik 22.08.06 19:00
Pärnu Eliisabeti kirik 23.08.06 19:00
Haapsalu Lossikirik 24.08.06 19:00
Viljandi Jaani kirik 25.08.06 19:00
TARTU JAANI KIRIK 26.08.06 19:00

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Robin Gurney

Yeah, well, we went and frankly… it sucked. How can one man with so much talent produce such a boring show ? oi oi oi. Obviously my expectations were way too high. Last time I saw him he was great. Weird.

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Robin Gurney

Robert didn’t like what I said. Read his diary.
Seems I touched a nerve.
Robert, I wrote the original post and here and the comment.
Your event was marketed as a musical event and not “get in touch with Robert’s spiritual side…”

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