Russia Electrocutes Estonian Interweb Thingy

Here’s an extract from a wonderful little Newsbiscuit post spotted by Pets: Russia and Estonia ‘pretending to have computers

‘The Russians are electrocuting our interweb mailsites.
Their floppy disks are blocking our e-posts and we are catching viruses from their DVD clinic,’ said the Estonian minister for technology, speaking from his horse.

The Russian Foreign Minister was quick to deny the allegations;
‘Yes we have lots of computers in Moscow.
We turn them on and compute on them.
We have not sent happy slapping texts to Estonia, or released the cybermen.
But we do have lots and lots of computers.
Excuse me, I have a web call coming through on my tractor phone.’

STOP PRESS: Whoops: this story was not spotted by Peeter Marvet at all ! but in fact by IT-Neeger

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