Russia EU Summit: Putin, you are full of sh*t

It’s not like me to swear. Really.
And especially not on our company blog.
No doubt I have upset someone, sorry… no actually I am not, not really.
I am just exercising my right to free speech in a democratic society.

Putin you ARE full of sh*t and you seem hellbent on disturbing the peace.
Let it go, man.
Estonia is free of your grasp and part of EU and NATO now.
Estonia may even make mistakes (yes, I know everything is perfect in Russia but Estonia is learning, Mr Putin) but it has that right.
It is a sovereign state with a right to determine its own future and make its own decisions, whether you, I or anyone else agrees or disagrees with them.
I know you hate it but…tough, that’s life. I hate US TV soaps but I live with their existence.

Why am I ranting? Because at the the EU-Russia Summit Putin said this:

“They (Estonian police) didn’t just disperse demonstrators. They killed one demonstrator. We demand that the criminals be brought to account”
Vladimir Putin, Russian President
Source: BBC and Forbes
Well either Putin is full of crap or his advisors are – as this is patently untrue.
The person was not killed by Estonian police and even if he was (let’s give Mr Putin the benefit of the doubt) there is voluminous evidence to the contrary suggesting he was stabbed by another looter (yes, it’s alleged the murdered person was a looter too) and anyway even if your desperate attention-seeking claim were true then please, Mr Putin, you could still show some respect for the family of the person involved.

The murdered man, his name was Dmitri Ganin aged 20, had Estonian and Russian-speaking friends and at his funeral his mother made a plea to the Russian Consul, members of Nochnoi Dozor, Russian TV-stations, and those present at the funeral not to use her son’s death for propaganda purposes.
Guess you missed that, Mr Putin, eh?
Or was it because his mother did not mention your actual name in the list?

Probably Putin’s EU summit outrage at the poor treatment of Russian speakers in Estonia has nothing to do with “his” alleged cyber-war-tactics being thoroughly and forensically investigated:

“The continuing cyber-attacks against Estonia bear evidence of Russian involvement.
Computer experts have traced some of the attacks to Russian government and presidential computers,” said Andres Kasekamp, director of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute

Estonian Defence Ministry spokesman Madis Mikko said to AFP “a large amount of the attacks came from computers in Russia, including within the Russian administration.”

“That can be bad in two ways..whether attacks originated within the Russian state system, or Russian state computers are infected with a virus, which sends out attacks on Estonian servers — it’s bad in either case,” he said.

so the Eu-Russia summit ends badly… no surprise there then but at least key statement of support emerged for Estonia:

“The Polish problem is a European problem. The Lithuanian and Estonia problems are also EU problems. It is very important if you want to have close co-operation to understand that the EU is based on principles of solidarity.”
Jose Manuel Barroso, European Commission chief

I want to point out to my readers (for those who don’t know me and again if necessary) I have absolutely nothing against Russia or Russians or Russian speakers in Estonia or anywhere else.
What is starting to really piss me off is the Russian Government singling out Estonia for especially nasty attention.

Enough said.
White flowers pls if “they” come and get me

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