Russia's Overblown Reaction to Estonia Monument Move

The muddying of already murky pools by Mr Putin’s ever more chippy, nationalistic Russia was also in evidence in its furiously overblown reaction to Estonia’s decision to relocate a Soviet war memorial away from Tallinn city centre.

Ethnic Russian rioting, and similarly ugly protests aimed at European diplomats in Moscow, served a broader Kremlin agenda. The furore was all to do with Soviet-style intimidation of the Baltic republics, now sheltering under an EU and Nato shield. “Blasphemous” treatment of war heroes was never the issue.

“The Serbian nationalists and Estonia’s Russians have both been emboldened by the support of a strong external sponsor, namely Russia. Otherwise they probably wouldn’t bother because they know they would lose,” a leading regional expert said. “There is a link between rising Russian nationalism and rising Serbian nationalism. In Estonia, Moscow saw the memorial row as an opportunity to drive a wedge between the Baltic states and the rest of Europe and they took it.”

Above is a snip from The Guardian’s article : Russia stirs up the neighbourhood

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