Sad News – No Ross Mayfield at the next Eturundus!

It was almost too good to be true, but it still might happen later in the year 🙂 Fingers crossed, we know many people were looking forward to his visit.

Ross Mayfield sadly cannot speak at the next Eturundus! event here in Tallinn, Estonia which we had planned for late June.

We really thank him for trying to bend his hectic schedule and of course hope he can make it another time.

As a result we have postponed Eturundus! 6 – probably until September.

The summer is so short here in Estonia that we really all have much better things to do than sit in a hotel conference room.

Anyway this will give us plenty of time to organise a good one – we have at least 5 great local speakers on stand-by and hopefully we can bring one or two from abroad too to make a full day event.

Watch this space…..

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Ross Mayfield

sorry I couldn’t make it

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