Sam Michel is speaking at Eturundus! 5

Sam Michel is speaking at Eturundus! 5 in Tallinn, Estonia April 13th 2006

Sam is a digital marketing veteran with over 10 years’ experience. He was the UK’s first full-time webmaster, creating Time Out’s first website as well as leading the development of, an award-nominated movie website for UK TV giant, Carlton plc.

Sam founded Chinwag in 1996, which includes uk-netmarketing, the UK’s oldest and best-known marketing discussion forum, which he continues to moderate.

Personally I have been participating in UKNM since 1997 – it has been a source of much inspiration, admiration and a few business deals too 🙂

From the initial forum, uk-netmarketing, Chinwag expanded to include other topics including design, usability, wireless marketing, an announcement service for jobs and many more.

Sam’s consultancy work focuses on digital marketing strategy, in particular the use of email marketing and eCRM to keep customers happy and, ultimately, increasing return on investment. Recent projects include work for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), MSN, Homechoice, Arsenal FC and The Bank of England.

“Our team’s expertise is built on over 10 years’ experience of running campaigns both in-house and on behalf of clients. Chinwag itself sends over 2 million emails to subscribers each month.”
Sam Michel

His specialité de la maison, is a holistic approach that encompasses the user’s journey from subscription through purchase and retention, with a clear goal of improving customer satisfaction and generating a higher return on investment. (Yuk..that was a bit salesy)

This will be Sam’s first time in Estonia and a rare opportunity to hear him speak.

Hopefully he will be given a warm reception and will go back to England singing praise of Estonia, Estonians and Eturundus! which will help fulfil one (altex) mission of building “digital bridges” between England and Estonia.

His visit is made possible thanks to the generous support of RedGroup and Estonian Air who have provided Sam with an apartment in Tallinn and flight to Tallinn and a flight back to England too!

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Sam Michel

Hi Robin…thanks for arranging everything. Very much looking forward to my first visit to Estonia and meeting lots of the Eturundus crowd.

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