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Search Engine Ranking Report  Overview

Search Engine Ranking Report Benefits

Search Engine Report is an overview of your web pages visibility in search engines. It is an ideal input for getting started with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works. In the basis of main keywords the results give you the comparison of your and your two main rivals’ visibility, that’s how you could get an overview of the current situation.You give us the input:

  • your home page address
  • your two main rivals’ homepage addresses
  • keywords or phrases with what you would like to stand out in search results (up to 50 keywords)

We will put together your report that is compiled especially for you and is password protected, so all the information is for your eyes only. In the report you will be shown in detail how visible you are compared to your rivals in, and search engines.

Overview – At the top of the report you could find information about your web site visibility at general level.Top Sites – at the marketing point of view this is one of the most interesting reports – here you can see who really appears in results in response to the keyword.

Current Rank – The most simply and understandable view at the results of search engine about you and your rivals separated by keywords and search engines.

Search Engine Rank – Specific keyword visibility by search engines.

Keyword Rank – Visibility of the keywords that refer to the given web site shown by search engines. With which keywords and on which position search engine offers references to your web page?


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We offer the Search Engine Report in a low price starting from 157 EUR + VAT.