Second Life Party on Booville Island

Tomorrow night I will having fun and networking (with 3000 other people) at the Chinwag Summer Party (organised by Sam and co.) but I know many of you won’t be there 🙁

Shame – it is one of the biggest new media events….

But you can visit in Second Life 🙂 , here

Jamie from Cheeze (who put the SL party together) says:

“The party in SL will be in the Cheeze auditorium on Booville island.
There will 3 live DJ sets through the evening and two cover bands playing live music in Second Life.
There will be a dancefloor so you can dance the night away as well as a chillout lounge where you can hang out and just chat.

The fun starts from 18:00 [20:00 in Estonia] and will stretch well into the wee small
hours. Everyone is welcome, newbies and experienced SL’ers alike.”

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