Second Life Recession- Get out now Estonia

I have never been a fan of Second Life.
All hype if you ask me, especially from a marketing & communications perspective.

And I was never convinced about the wisdom of creating an Estonian Embassy in Second Life and i feel more comfortable now saying it was a bad decision.

In fact despite the Government (and responsible agency) comments that it was innovation and experimentation (which I applaud) I think it was a waste of money.

Prove me wrong someone.
Tell me the figures on or off the record for the Second Life Embassy usage and effectiveness (whatever metrics).

To compound the challenge of doing something useful in second life it seems they now have a recession of their very own.
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Second Life is going down. It’s just a question of time.
Get out now Estonia and do something more useful with whatever amount of money its costing to maintain the presence there.
Or…share the stats showing its good value for the Estonian tax payer.

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