Seminar: Great Britain – Entering the global IT market

Seminar: Great Britain – Entering the global IT market

Estonian foreign direct investment has mainly been to neighbouring countries such as Russia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine and to a lesser extent Sweden and Finland. Close neighbouring countries are an obvious point for outward investment as Estonia’s growth is limited to the geographical size of the country and number of potential customers here.

Estonian IT companies have proven track of being very competitive and well equipped with skills, know-how, and products and services. With a deregulated, dynamic economy, skilled workforce, world-class R&D and an attractive tax regime, the United Kingdom business environment offers every opportunity for Estonian companies to make use of their competitive edge and take advantage of the truly global economy of the UK.

The UK Trade & Investment, together with its partners in Estonia and in the UK, can help those businesses to make the most of the opportunities offered by the UK market and help Estonian companies to go further and faster.

– Talk about opportunities in the UK Information Technology sector;
– Cover topics like establishing a company in the UK, UK tax regime, financial issues with setting up, involving external funds;
– Share experiences of a current investor to the UK market and lessons learnt;
– Introduce the UK Trade & Investment and Enterprise Estonia and their services to Estonian companies.

DATE: 06 June 2006

AUDIENCE: Seminar targeted to the audience of 40 people of primarily IT companies interested in expanding their international grasp of business to the UK market and turning the presence in the international business environment into a competitive advantage.

VENUE: Enterprise Estonia, Liivalaia 13/15, Tallinn

SEMINAR LANGUAGE: English & Estonian

REGISTER: Contact or tel. 6674700 by 04 June 2006.

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