Facebook Campaigns

Overview of Facebook Campaigns

Benefits of Facebook Campaigns

Whether your company’s goal is to increase the number of followers on your Facebook Page, build brand awareness, target a niche demographic or increase traffic to your website, our experts can create, execute and optimize Facebook campaigns that fulfill those objectives.

Facebook offers excellent targeted advertising options, allowing you to use keywords, demographics, and Facebook likes (including interests and products) to help focus your ads.

Facebook Ads permit longer character lengths and image-based ads than search advertising, and they can be easily be modified and improved, to get the results you want. You can put up ads according to your daily advertising budget and keep your them fresh by changing images, wording, and target audience.

Facebook campaigns can also be really cost efficient, for example when using Cost Per Click option, you are only charged the previously appointed price, when potential clients click on the ad.

  • Target and impact– Facebook offers various ad options and wide reach, so you can target new fans accurately through demographics and choice of interests.
  • Measure and optimize– identify which Facebook campaigns have the most engaging content that drive your sales, create engagements and conversions, as you have the possibility of running multiple ads at the same time. This can help to determine what is working and what is not. You can also take that insight and incorporate it to your other advertising campaigns.
  • Creative freedom–  You choose what works for you. Create banner ads, referrals or promote your business through means like casual multiplayer games or engage your audience through invitation features.
  • Increases engagement and visibility– keep your audience engaged and involved in your business with tailored content.


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