Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Overview of Search Engine Optimization

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines are used for the purpose of finding information. All those people out there are looking for products to buy, services to use or businesses to work with. Optimization will help you to bring your homepage right in front of those search engine users eyes, that you think should see your offer.

It doesn’t matter if you are home electronics e-shop who tries to reach the customers who are looking for digiboxes, or if you are a moving company who wants to become visible in search engines among other similar service providers, with Search Engine Optimization your goals are achievable.

Search facts:

  • Difference between 1st and 10th search results click-through rate is more then 15 times.
  • According to an iProspect survey, seven out of ten respondents said they clicked on a search result on the first page of results, while 92% clicked a result on the first three pages of search results.
  • Only 11.4% of searchers use one-word queries, 28.9% use two-word queries, 27.85% use three-word queries. Four-word queries account for 17.1%, five-word for 8.25% and six-word queries for 3.7%.
Combination SEO means targeted work for making web page more friendly for Search Engines and thereby achieving better positions in search results.

Our purpose is to help you to understand how Search Engines work and what you can do to improve your position in search results. We can do all the work for you or we can give you consultations.

We have more than 6 years of experience in search engine optimization, so without doubt we can help our clients in the development of the best web page strategy and implementing the most effective solutions for increasing the number of visiting potential clients. Our international team consists only of well experienced experts who could help you to ensure long-lasting results.


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In the terms of projects we usually compile the price offer and the work will be done according to the fixed project price. There is also available an hour-based consultancy.
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