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Just as no builder will start building a house from foundation without proper drawings, you should not start building your web page without a proper plan. A proper plan about which pieces this web page will consist of and how these pieces will fit together with one another.



Website Content Strategy Workshop involves identifying the type of content that will best enable you to communicate and strengthen and achieve your online goals.

We have developed a workshop format to ensure a fast and efficient use of the participants time without losing in quality.

As a result of Content Strategy work, the client will receive a birds eye view of their planned website, key messages, its proposed content and functionalities.

Content strategy also serves as a road map for further developing your site in long term.

Altex uses an in-house content strategy creation methodology that has been proven successful over the years with a large number of websites, webshops and portals of different scale.

The workshop includes:

  • Mapping your target groups
  • Master Content table creation
  • Existing content analysis
  • Developing key messages for each target group
  • Proposed site content and functionality

Delivery time: 4 hours

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