Singer Vinger – Nothing special

Singer Vinger was the band I saw last night in the grounds of Rakverre Castle and pretty good they are too !

Hard to pin them down to a category.

Not quite punk, not art rock. Let’s just call it predictably individual rock ‘n’ roll.

Anyway I liked them.

They reminded me at times of The Clash and, Hardi Volmer‘s (the lead singer and talented film director, animator etc.) little dances were definitely amusingly Morrissey’esque.

They teamed up with other Estonian rock band Ultima Thule, who are not bad, but perhaps a bit mainstream for my tastes.

So why the title of the post: Nothing special? “ei midagi erilist” in Estonian

Well, that was the name of rap song they wrote in 1983 or perhaps even 1982.

If that’s true and it was recorded pre-87 then it could be the first recorded rap track in the world, which would no doubt annoy Chuck D of Public Enemy who I think previously held the claim to fame of being the world’s first rapper.

Check out Singer Vinger and other Estonian music .

STOP PRESS: (self comment) What a load of Rubbish !

Blondie released Rapture in 1980… of course, I still have a copy 🙂 and before that we had Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight in 1979….

What was I thinking ? doh 🙂

Sorry folks, I must have been in the sun too long 🙂

I better stick to talking about internet marketing stuff for a bit….

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