Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring Overview

Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring uses tools that help companies track and hear what is being said about their brand, competitors, or on other relevant topics, so they can react appropriately and timely.

It allows you to collect demographic information about your customers, discover key influencers (they can be neutral, positive or negative, and are important if they have power to impact your enterprise), and learn information that helps you to engage your targeted audience more efficiently.

Making an educated choice about the right tools to use, which support all your media monitoring and business goals, is very important. It is beneficial to determine your priorities and strategy, and then set up and use the tools for integral tasks like reputation management, event detection, issue and crisis management, competitor analysis, trend and market research, campaign performance monitoring, influencers detection (influence can be attributed to individuals and groups, websites and even to specific posts or comments), customer relationship management and product innovation management.

Insight– Gain perspective on how others see your company, how are your campaigns performing, and how are the services or products perceived. This is a great way to identify your brand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Build business relationships– Social media monitoring allows you to identify and contact like-minded business owners, so you have an opportunity to combine resources for a cross-promotional marketing campaign or joint projects.

Keep an eye on competition– Companies sometimes divulge information on their social networking pages that provide insights into their strategies and business decisions. By monitoring the social media space, you can learn much about your competitors weaknesses and strengths.

Manage your online reputation– work on your online reputation in real time. It is essential to react quickly to any opinion that undercuts or distorts your brand, before that opinion gains momentum and spreads. If you work the social media space, incorporate monitoring into your overall strategy. The information you gain may be used for taking your business to that next level.

Improve Your SEO– you can monitor new and existing keywords to test their popularity in real time. This allows you to quickly capitalize on fast moving trends and make sure your SEO is always accurately targeted.


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