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Social Media Strategy Overview

Social Media Strategy Benefits

First off you should assess your customer demographics, their communication preferences/requirements and your business social media landscape, so you can establish dynamic and consistent strategy using appropriate social media tools while creating audience specific and engaging content.

Social Media Strategy deals with a good number of questions, starting with what are the right social media channels to use, what approach is most effective, what kind of messages should be communicated, what is the estimated level of engagement and not forgetting, how exactly is social media going to help you achieve the overall business goals of your company.

To determine the effectiveness of your social media strategy, in regards to investment you have made, it is quite important to make the results measurable by appointing proper Key Performance Indicators and having a constant feedback system. This way you always have a clear overview of the current situation, how well is your strategy implemented and how successfully is your social media strategy performing.

Builds brand awareness– this is one of the most important aspects you can achieve through social media. You are representing your brand on networks and through channels that have the potential to reach millions of people.Creates loyal audience and client base– when you build a strong online community, it is possible to create a following of people who directly engage, communicate and share info with you and about you on a consistent basis, no matter the time, day or place.

Instant feedback– your customers have the opportunity to give instant feedback on their experiences with your company. This is an excellent opening to converse with them, thank them for being involved and in some cases you even get a chance to win back the clients that have had negative experiences.

Information goldmine–  ask questions, hold surveys and let your followers tell you what they want, like, look forward to, expect or sometimes dislike. Here lies the perfect opportunity to collect all the customer and product information you need and more, so you can make your business bloom.

Search Engine Optimization perks– the more visible your presence is in the social media networks, and the more recommendations you get like with Facebook likes or Twitter re-tweets, the greater value your company webpages have in the eyes of search engines. Consequently this allows your business to further promote your products and services.


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