Social networks are invading the workspace

Up until recently, submerging yourself in social networks was something frowned upon in the workplace and rarely encouraged by employers. This is an attitude of the past with quickly surfacing new tools and solutions to bring „social“ to the workplace and harness its collaborative power for the good of the company as a whole.

In this article, I will not get into any specific technology as far as „social work“ goes, but rather try to highlight its benefits to both the employee and employer.

People are social beings and our everyday lives are overflooded with information from (too) many sources. What employers are slowly but surely starting to realize is that they can use this often overlooked character trait to their advantage – cutting time and resource spent on meetings and travel significantly and adopting tools that allow people to interact with each other, to share both personal and professional information with others in the organization, and to ask for input/feedback from others on projects they are currently involved in.

Add to this the ability to work on shared projects simultaneously and build project teams with a click of a few buttons and you’ve got a winning formula for success. Sounds familiar? A parallel to “social networking” in your personal life is obvious, only this time the information you will be “sharing and liking” is of professional nature. The newest version of MS Sharepoint is meant for doing exactly that – see  demo video link at end of the article.

To recap – “social working” takes elements of social networking and transfers them to the workplace – creating an environment for collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Altex Experts embraces technological development and has the necessary experience and expertise to advise your organization on adopting and implementing social working. Drop us a line or give us a call to discuss ways that you and your organization can benefit from social working.

Additional information:

Sharepoint 2013 social features demo videos.

For anyone thinking about adopting elements of social working – you should read this book.

Also take a look at Yammer Enterprise Social software or Jive Enterprise Social Platform.

Sven Lillepalu

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