Socks, socks and more socks

Now you might think a post about socks has little to with online marketing or export but how wrong you would be.

This is about both 🙂

Morten Kirckhoff: From 2000-2005, he was CEO and Founder of the website, (BTW His awards include a Cyber Lion Grand Prix (2000), a Gold Cyber Lion, a European Adtech Award, a Gold European Adtech Award, a Gold Bųrsens e-trade award and an A&AD Award. He was a finalist at The One Show…) I know this because Morten spoke recently in Estonia and we wrote about his speech in our newsletter.

So anyway, check his website selling socks

Now, a new entrant on the scene in this highly competitive export market of business socks.
Welcome to the fray….Socks for sir!

These “new kids on the sock-block” have taken their content strategy a bit further than the Morten-mini-direct-selling-machine.

These guys have Socksforsir magazine and a snappy little viral sock game too.

This is what I like to see. Entertaining and educational content strategy that makes you engage deeper with the brand.

“Bravo” I say to those clever guys at Rubber Republic.

Watch out Morten, these guys mean business, your stranglehold on the online sock market is under threat.

It is great to know now that international business people have two quality sock providers online.

Questions…will this competition drive the price of socks down? Will we see a rush of “me-too” operators hit the market? When will the Chinese take notice?

Have I been in the sun too long and why am I blogging about socks when I have a tonne of work to do?

and hey Morten and Chris . I think maybe I found a potential customer for you, Mr Papageorgio ! 🙂

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Morten Kirckhoff

Competition is closing in… Five years in the on-line-sock-business, has been good, and the learning curve high. Here are 10 free pieces of advice for our new competitors:

1. Don’t spend the money on clicks-advertising. Pay only if it converts to sales.
2. Make sure every shipment is profitable. Don’t give it away!
3. Optimize your quality of the product. It’s the only way to high retention rates. There’s always a better deal somewhere.
4. Build strong alliances with someone who can drive traffic to you. People don’t spend hours browsing sock sites alone.
5. Search engines? Don’t know! 67 million sites on Google! Find a smarter way.
6. Win awards. Do something crazy, that will attract attention to your business. Ask your web agency for even crazier sh*t than a webgame.
7. Find a niche target audience. And aim everything at them.
8. Get volume going. Better bulk deals!
9. IPO? Aim for next quarter?
10. Quit the berries on those product pictures! How the hell did they get there in the first place?

All the best,

// Morten //

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Chris Q

Consumer research shows that 8 out of 10 people said that they were more likely to buy socks after they were shown a photo of socks with red berries in it . . .

Research never lies ; – )

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Robin Gurney

That is the question: to be-rry or not to be-rry

Sorry, very cheesy, whoops did it again…;)

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