Stalin – Monster? or Great Leader?

Living, as I do now, in Estonia one comes across (mentions of) Stalin now and then.
He was IMHO a paranoid murderous monster yet British people (including my friends) and many other nationalities who escaped his direct influence still seem to have “no idea” and many people even respect him as a “strong leader” rather than a rival to Hitler for the title of “biggest nutter in Europe”.

Anyway whatever your views of Stalin you might be interested in a few BBC links that go some way to explain why Stalin was whitewashed and why so many people around the world have been brainwashed (or simply misinformed by World war 2 propaganda) that Stalin was not so bad.

World War 2 documentaries: Hitler, Stalin & Churchill

BBC Archive about the strange British-USSR relationship

The Stalin whitewash

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Robin Gurney

Stalin voted as third most popular Russian.. what is the world coming to?

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