Statement by the US Press Secretary: Visit of President Toomas Ilves of Estonia

WASHINGTON, May 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Following is a statement
by the press secretary on the visit of President Toomas Ilves of Estonia:

President Bush will welcome President Toomas Ilves of Estonia to the
White House on June 25, 2007. As the president witnessed during his visit
last November, Estonia is a thriving example of how freedom has transformed
the nations of central and eastern Europe, and brought security and
prosperity to the people of the region. Estonia shares the lessons of its
success with others pursuing liberty in their countries. A valued NATO
ally, Estonia is making important contributions to the security and
development of Afghanistan, and to securing freedom in Iraq. President Bush
looks forward to discussing these and other regional and international
issues with President Ilves.

source: White House Press Office

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