Statement of the President of the Republic of Estonia

Statement of the President of the Republic of Estonia 1 May 2007
We can Agree Upon a Common Future

Dear fellow countrymen!

On this spring day, I wish to be very straightforward with you.

For me, the past week has been a source of disappointment. I am disappointed that there are people in Estonia who have no respect or esteem for their fellow citizens, or for the state and the society they live in. Nor is my disappointment relieved by the understanding that all in all, such people are very few and their activities mostly a result of provocation or instigation.

We must truthfully admit that the aim of the hate-mongers was foul – they wished that Estonians and Russians should not get along. Yet the hate-mongers are bound to be disappointed, because we shall not be drawn into discord. This is the best way to show that we are above those who manipulate us. I know that our country is rich in both wise Estonians as well as wise Russians, and I know also that neither of them are as stupid as to be affected by toothless hate-mongers.

A few days ago, I found a webpage with several snapshots of Tallinn, set up by a young woman called Maria, under an extremely relevant heading – ”We are Russians, but our homeland is Estonia”. Thank you, Maria!

An honest look will tell us that most of our Russian-speaking compatriots have been on Estonia’s side during the troubled nights and days of the past week.
You were with all of us, on the side of order and public safety, and I thank you for that.
Let us not be misled by looters who acted in the shadow of the night – they would have taken their opportunity to steal sooner or later.
They will be handled efficiently by our police and our courts.

The last few days are a lesson to everyone who loves Estonia.
As Estonians, we must understand that people who came here in the Soviet time and live now in the Republic of Estonia, as well as their children and grandchildren, are our fellow countrymen.
I invite my fellow Estonians to see this very clearly. Also, I invite all my fellow countrymen to see Estonia as their country.

The truth is simple: all of us, who live in Estonia, will go on living here. Despite last week. Together. Side by side.

Other nations living in Estonia must understand and admit that Estonians have their own, very painful, historical experience of life under three consecutive occupying powers in the last century.
We must all be able to see and understand the tragedies of others.
If we are able to do that, I am firmly convinced that we are also able to agree upon our common future.

Dear fellow countrymen,

I invite you to be unwavering, dignified and amicable. If you feel that you are not always able to understand each other, then talk to each other.
In this communication we need no go-betweens whose ulterior motive is to instigate quarrel between us.
The Estonian state speaks to everyone, except rioters and fomenters whom we leave to the police and judges.

Let us give a new meaning to the beautiful word „nashi“, which today is unfortunately used by Kremlin propaganda for spreading false information and hostility.
All those who think of Estonia as their country are our „nashi“.

It is to you I turn, saying – learn Estonian, be successful, be happy! And the state will help you.
The state has a duty to you, just as you have a duty to the state.

The story of the bronze soldier has come to an end. The statue and the remains of the fallen soldiers will find a dignified resting place in the cemetery.
And now it is time to put a stop to making use of the memory of war victims for political or other untoward gains.

Estonia is a free and democratic country. The decisions of the Estonian government can always be criticised or disputed in legal ways.
Yet as President, I promise that also in the future, all attempts of illegal action against the Republic of Estonia shall be repelled without hesitation.
Estonia is a self-respecting country and any attacks against it – now or in the future – shall not be tolerated.

Finally, I turn to Russia, Estonia’s neighbour, with a clear message – try to remain civilised!
It is not customary in Europe to demand the resignation of the democratically elected government of another sovereign country.
It is not customary in Europe to use computers belonging to public institutions for cyber-attacks against another country’s public institutions.
In Europe, as well as in the rest of the civilised world, it is not considered possible to violate the Vienna Convention when an embassy of a small enough country is concerned.

It is customary in Europe that differences, which do now and then occur between states, are solved by diplomats and politicians, not on the streets or by computer attacks.
Those are the ways of other countries, somewhere else, not in Europe.

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Jane —

Note: I have edited out a particularly nasty closing comment from Jane but will let the rest go through for comment…I hope it is the right decision. Forgive me if it is not. Please reply to Jane’s comment to put the record straight. No swearing allowed. Jane says:

Here’s about of interesting facts about Estonia:

Most wanted Nazi war criminals
10b. Harry Mannil
Arrested Jews and Communists who were then executed by Nazis and Estonian collaborators
Status: Cleared by investigation in Estonia

10a. Algimantas Dailide
Arrested Jews who were then murdered by Nazis and Lithuanian collaborators
Status: Deported from US; convicted by Lithuania, which has hereto refused to implement his sentence of imprisonment

Not a single Estonian citizen who participated in the persecution and/or murder of Jews during WWII has been brought to trial by the Estonians, despite the existence of abundant incriminatory evidence in at least two cases submitted in recent years.

A monument to an Estonian “Freedom Fighter” had been unveiled in a small town Lihula in Western Estonia. It showed a soldier in a German uniform with a Waffen-SS (combat SS) unit emblem, wearing a steel helmet and holding a machine gun.

So, what should one think about this?

1. Thousands of estonians were serving in Hitler’s Waffen-SS troops where they exterminated Jews, Russians, Beloruses, Ukrainians, and other “untermenshen” in death camps.

2. No one Estonian was brought to trial for war crimes after Estonia become independent. Moreover, Estonia protects even most wanted Nazi criminals identified by Holocaust organizations.

3. Estonia glorifies its Waffen-SS “freedom fighters” by setting up monuments to them. Meanwhile, Estonia destroys memorials to Soviet soldiers, who won Hitler.

4. Estonia practice massive ethnic discrimination against Russians, Beloruses, Ukrainians today.

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alts —

Jane, you are actually Putin, right? ;):D

The Jerusalem Post is as neutral as Russian media, as far as i can see 🙂

“Looking for the truth behind Lihula
Apr 27, 2005
By Matthias Kolb”
3. Estonia glorifies its Waffen-SS “freedom fighters” by setting up monuments to them. Meanwhile, Estonia destroys memorials to Soviet soldiers, who won Hitler./

Why do you post such an old link:S?
The “freedom fighter” does’nt exist anymore. In WW II Estonia didn’t have their own uniform, and fighting with no clothes on is quite uncomfortable, so they had to use German uniforms.

By the way WW II started because of the pact of Molotov- Rippendropp (sry, if i misspelled the names) where they divided Europe. So in the dawn of WW II Germans and Russians were allies. Finland was an allie with Germany, but Russians don’t have a problem with that:S

Why do we need to seperate communism war crimes from nazis?
Both were equal: thousands of people were killed, moved from their homes, beaten etc. Why hasn’t Russia brought russians to trial for their war crimes:S?

Estonia does not practice massive ethnic discrimination against Russians, Beloruses, Ukrainians today. If Jana could prove me wrong i will “eat” my computer and mobile-phone on national television:D

Let’s talk about Russia “The Holly World”… There is war going on in Tchetchenia(Tšetšeenia)… is it war? Tens of thousand killed civilians… what about their rights?… It’s not war anymore, it’s genocide and Russia just ignores the facts.
Russian Government gives minimum punishment to the criminuls who beat or even kill students, who have come to Russian universities from other countries (if Jane would like to read some articles, i may add them).
What about the ethnic rights of estonians, who still live in Siberia due to Soviet oppression?
(sry, my english is bad, hope you understand:)

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Jonas —

It seems to me that there are alot of nazis in Russia also…Because whenever you see an Estonian or a Sweden flag you rip it of….sign of nazism…*tsk tsk tsk*

The russian group called ‘Naši’ indeed ripped off a sweden flag and a estonian flag as they saw the embassy cars….what a pity , nazis.

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Jonas —

Answers to your questions , Jane.

1.The reason why some estonian’s chose to serve in the German army insead of the Soviet Russian army is very simple:
When Germans occupied Estonia and when german soldier’s came into our houses for dinner or lunch they were very thankful,they offered the children candy , some even bowed before the housekeepers to show gratitude, but when the Russians occupied Estonia , and when they stayed at our houses for dinner….They raped our housewives, they killed our people,they took whatever they desired,sometimes they even burnt our houses and villages.So why would a person want to fight for people , who dont deserve the backup.

2.I think the nazi criminals did what they had to do not to get shot by the german’s, i’m pretty sure they didnt like killing jews. And even those, who were in the second WW. are like 80 years old by no and will die in a matter of years anyway.

3.The german occupation didnt last for even a year , as the Soviet occupation lasted for 50 painful and long years.And as i mentioned before , atleast the german soldier’s were nice to civilians also.

4.Estonians do not practice massive ethnic discrimination against russian’s.Those few stupid ones who do practice massive ethnic discrimination just have old un-healed wound’s and bad memories , or just some children who have been beat up by young russian’s , even at the riot day’s.

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