Suur tänu Frukt Kuubis

We asked those nice, young (well compared to me, anyway) people at Frukt Kuubis to freshen up the design template of

We gave them a little design test and asked them to work around our new trademark: time to experiment TM or in Estonian: aeg eksperimenteerida TM.

They were quick and friendly and given the limits (to experiment) we placed on them.. we think they did a pretty good job. Good value for money too 🙂

They did the new green skin (how I hate that word) that surrounds each page.

Thanks Janar and Erkki we will be knocking on your door again ..

BTW Thanks also to Aleksei here at altex who tweaked the Frukt work to get past my fussiness !

By the way comments are switched back on again now so if you love or hate the newish look…let us know.

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