Free seminar: how to make money online? was a complete success

Tõnis Hinnosaar

Performance-based marketing is on the rise

Performance-based advertising, which belongs to the Affiliate Marketing field has been growing in well developed markets, especially Finland, to become a major Internet advertising sector, where budgets for advertising have continuously increased.
Curiously in Estonia, which is considered as an up and coming IT country, this course of…

Dortmund Concert Milk

“Dortmund Concert Milk” by Agency, Jung von Matt AG from Art Directors Club of Europe on Vimeo.

Germany’s Jung von Matt AG Agency wins Grand Prix at the Art Directors Club of Europe (ADCE) Best of European Design and Advertising Awards 2011 for: “Dortmund Concert Milk” created for client, Dortmund Concert Hall, in the category of Mixed Media

Description: “We let cows listen to…

Internet Marketing is (Nearly) Dead

As part of the promotional activity for the excellent upcoming European Ecotourism Conference 2010 (Sept 26-30) I was interviewed yesterday by Aivar Ruukel.

We had a limit of 5 minutes so we did not manage to cover some of the practical advice I will share at the event (so come along..) but anyway if you want to hear why I think Internet Marketing is (nearly) dead then tun…

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