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Hasta luego, see you later, au revoir, nägemist

hasta luego, see you later, au revoir, nägemist

As most of you know by now I recently sold my majority Altex stake to my co-directors Andri Viiand and Tõnis Hinnosaar but I would like to share some of my thoughts and feelings on my future, the future of internet marketing in Estonia (and beyond) and what I have learnt whilst working at Altex.

Tallinn Socialfest 2012 is my last gig for a…

Altex’s Google „Winter Days” in Dublin

2010 was especially challenging for Altex.

Our repositioning process got well underway (its still not finished) and as a result there were some personnel and service changes and a greater focus on exports (about 50% of our turnover for 2010). We also acquired a couple of other businesses and that took time and money of course.

Nevertheless we managed to grow turnover a few percent and mak…

10% of profit from to go to charities

Altex Marketing, a leading internet marketing agency in Estonia, is earmarking 10% of next year’s net profit of for charitable donations. The contribution will be shared between Estonian Union for Child Welfare, Estonian Fund for Nature and Community Tools.

“We believe in the right mindset from the get-go. You don’t have to super-wealthy to share profit, knowledge and…

Estonian Internet Marketing Exports to Rise 100%+ in 2011

Altex Marketing, an European internet marketing agency based in Tallinn, Estonia claims export growth for the internet marketing sector has huge potential.
Altex Marketing will see exports increase 50%+ this year and predicts 100%+ increase for 2011.

“A combination of continued growth in internet adoption and the recession have brought greater demand for internet marketing services in… is closing down…unless…

When we first started the community site we had plans to invest a lot of time in creating and inviting lots content:
events, job postings, new services, discussions etc….. but we admit we have not had the time.

You may have heard Altex is restructuring this year and as a result we no longer see a good fit with trying to run an e-marketing community.

Luckily we have also…

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