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Email marketing- newsletter or no newsletter, that is the question…

Why send newsletter to your clients?
Roughly it is possible to describe the purpose of newsletters this way:
1. They are used to carry out promotions and campaigns- for example all goods now -60%, this is also something that voucher portals rely on a lot.
2. They are used to actively share information about a product/service with a purpose of raising brand awareness and to promote making…

Krediidiinfo database email campaign

In response to comments and discussion related to Altex v Tõnu Samuel I admitted that altex used part of the Krediidiinfo database (Inspektor) during a campaign to promote an event called E!UK about one and a half years ago.

To many people this seems a clear cut case of spam and therefore labeling altex as spammers is seen, again by some, as justified.

We reject this. We are not…

How to research for email marketing lists in the Baltics?

I’m sure that some of our blog readers have their own email lists – whether they’re a client base, newsletter list etc. Owning an email list has great value. Now you’ve got people to whom you can communicate direct, personalised messages. For example we at altex have a newsletter list.

But owning a list doesn’t always make sense. You might want to target a message to certain peo…

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