Service Testimonials

“I am pleased that participation in www.osale.ee increased 4 times during the 2-month campaign.”
Andrus Ansip, Prime Minister of The Republic of Estonia

“Thanks to Altex web analysis and design, Riigikogu has now a new and improved draft act search. It is compact and good tool for Riigikogu and for our citizens as well. In addition, we are also very pleased with the work Altex did on the new structure and design of parliament members profile pages where people can follow our members work, social media usage and press action online.  We are waiting for new opportunities for co-operation.”

“Thanks to Altex web analytics work we now understand how to measure and improve the effectiveness of our Internet activities.”
Anne Zimbrot, Handbooks  web project manager, Äripäev AS

“I was very satisfied with the training. Thank you very much!”
Annika Ülem, Sales Manager, Hotel Braavo

“Biggest value of Altex for me is, that they bother and know how to explain complicate concepts, systems and solutions in understandable way.”
Ott Sarapuu, Project Manager, Creative Estonia

“Altex has brought a breath of fresh air to Estonian marketing, acknowledging e-marketing fresh winds and offering completely new set of competences. They have an impressive ability to dig into the business needs and generate marketing ideas, and not only from the e-marketing point of view. They can also easily propose long term strategies as well as quick wins. It would be very welcome if there would be more companies in Estonia with similar competence.”
Hendrek Kraavi, Web Development Manager, Elion Enterprises Limited

“Altex has been invaluable in helping us understand the Estonian Internet market, especially in the realms of e-commerce, email marketing and online advertising.
Their consulting and service have played a crucial role in getting our e-commerce operation up and running quickly in Estonia. Highly recommended!”
Rok Hrastnik, International Internet Director, Studio Moderna

“We were satisfied with the SEO consultation provided and are open for cooperation in the future as well.”
Geroli Peedu, Project Manager in the Development Division, Estonian Informatics Centre

“Altex always says what they think. Without any compromises, it doesn’t matter how much it might hurt the clients’ ears. This is really priceless.”
Rain Väät, Manager of International Relations, Äripäev AS

“Nike always strives for novel, better and innovative solutions -this goes for products, technologies and communications. By teaming-up with Altex we explore new and alternative channels in Internet (marketing).”
Eleny Vahter, Marketing Manager, Nike

“Reval Hotels collaboration with Altex improved with only few months our visibility and find-ability in international search engines a lot. With some keywords it was even 10 times better than before!”
Marina Jõgi, Marketing Manager, Reval Hotels

“It has been great to collaborate with Altex in many ways – whether as an E! event presenter, their blog reader or as a client. As a client I really like that Altex wants and bothers to delve into your business goals – they don’t just offer you nice things.”
Andrus Purde, Baltic Marketing Manager, Skype

“Thanks to precise and good advice Altex gaven us, we managed to gather about 4000 Sky Plus VIP-clubs’ newsletter joiners in only one week. We value highly their professionalism and ability to react fast.”
Sigrid Saar, Marketing Manager and Priit Vare, Programme Director, Sky Plus

“We are looking forward to continued successful cooperation with Altex to help develop and promote our existing products and new ones”
Veiko Krünberg, Triobet.com Marketing Manager, Nordic Gaming Group

“Best Marketing newsletter, the biggest and most important marketing & advertising community information source in Baltics, is created in cooperation with Altex. We are satisfied with the results of this cooperation.”
Hando Sinisalu, Managing Partner, Best Marketing

“Altex has proven an invaluable support to our business. The quality of their service and their innovative approach have allowed us to step up to greater challenges.”
Iselin Skogland, Director, e-HotelServices

“From time to time I discuss with Altex. It’s easy to do business with them. And they give fast, reasonable and usable answers. Even for the smallest questions.”
Toomas Tamsar, Pärnu Conference Director, Pärnu Conferences

“It was interesting to read their analysis and it was worth the price. There are lots of things we can do now basing our actions on the information supplied.”
Rain Rannu, Member of the Board and Marketing and Business Development, Mobi Solutions

“Our website is getting a lot of traffic due to Altex efforts to improve our Internet marketing results. Some people are good at what they do, some love what they do, Altex people are both.”

Taavi Rajur, Hansapost Marketing Manager, Hansapost

Thank you for the personal approach and for achieving the goals you set. Altex is an excellent partner  to work with and we truly recommend them!

Nils Lööne, Ärisuuna juht, Hansarent Autorent

“People who have been fortunate enough to find Altex but do not follow their advice are either a) lazy b) have a confidence of an idiot c) have wasted loads of Altex talents’ time.”
Raul Aarma, Arco Transport

“Since Cambashi is expanding its IT industry research market, we know that when we enter new markets we need a trusty and flexible partner. In the Baltics we managed to find one – Altex.”
Kathy Strachan, Consultant, Cambashi

“We have collaborated with Altex several times and we value their forward-looking approach as well as their extensive international marketing experience.”
Siim Vips, Executive Director, Modera

“We aim to fill a significant vendor void in the marketplace and give Baltic advertisers and agencies immediate and direct access to the most complete line of video and rich media ad products and EyeWonder’s proven online advertising expertise. Best of all, we are fortunate to secure a relationship with Altex who are the region’s leading Internet marketing agency. Their intimate knowledge and record of success with Estonia’s top online agencies, advertisers and publishers will make them a valuable asset to EyeWonder.”
Marcel Udo, Managing Director Europe, Eyewonder Inc

“We were surprised by Altex’s extensive e-marketing experience. The ideas were fresh and inspiring.”
Andres Agasild, Executive Director and Partner, MarkIT

“Your critique (today) was really excellent – it really takes someone out the “box” to pinpoint an idea, which otherwise has been obvious.”
Heikki Haldre, CEO, Fits.me
Training Testimonials

“Altex team has done a great job widening my understanding about website usability, content management and many other useful topics. Their training approach, based on practical examples and real world situations, has been one of the best I have seen.”
Antanas Rimdžius, Communication Specialist, Education Exchanges Support Foundation

“I have never received a training this personal, I’m very satisfied with the email marketing course. I got answers to all my question and even more – my own „over-mystified“ HTML got a very practical explanation. First of all I realized how email marketing works in general and what I have to take into account to ensure that my emails reach to recipients.”
Kersti Käbin, Managing Director, Carrot Konverentsid

“Altex training gave us and our Baltic and Nordic colleagues good ideas on how to use e-marketing possibilities as part of our organizations. Among those who benefited were those who knew quite something about Internet as well as those who took their first fragile steps.”
Anne Hütt, Head of Information Bureau, Center for Educational Programmes Archimedes Foundation

“All my Altex lectures have been very informative, practical and will be very useful for the future.”
Annika Oja, Marketing Manager, Rautakesko AS

Partner Testimonals

“Altex is a wonderful organization. We like to work with Altex side by side, each having the freedom to take the initiative during project and we have been extremely pleased with results. Their staff are a great pleasure to work with.”
SEO Partner

“Altex is a perfect example of a good partner – knows exactly what, when and why they want something, and that guarantees the success of their campaigns. Besides the good choice of media channel, of course.”
Erki Heinsaar, Sales Director, everyday.com, Mediainvest Holding AS

“Altex has been a good partner to Elions’ internet environments NETI and hot.ee who always stands out with very thorough groundwork and shows ingenuity in using different advertising possibilities.”
Sten Klemm, Elion Enterprises Limited

“ Altex conducted e-commerce lectures in Estonian Business School for our 3rd year students. Altex’s innovative, hands-on approach to lecturing was very refreshing and welcomed by our students. EBS is very satisfied with the results and we hope to continue our collaboration.”
Nicola Hijlkema, Vice Rector of International Relations, Estonian Business School

“The decision to choose Altex as our partner in search engine marketing was easy. Altex showed us that they have the needed expertise and that they can help our clients to be on the forefront of vastly changing Internet marketing field.”
René Lasseron, Sales Director, Saurus

Altex has been a great partner in multiple online projects for us. High performance, professional reporting and timely delivery – a solid foundation for a success of an assignment.
Aleksandr Lavrentjev, Managing director, 4finance Estonia (Vivus)