Thankyou Mr President

mr. Gurney & mr. President

Today I was lucky and honoured to attend the Independence Day Reception in London hosted by the Ambassador and attended by Mr Ilves.

As I have had the opportunity to quiz Mr Savisaar before I thought why not speak to the President too.
After all this is a man who was involved in Tiger Leap so his grasp of, and interest in, the net should be greater than the Rhino’s perhaps.

So after waiting 30 minutes for a gap in the flow I snuck in and planted a seed…

I suggested to Mr Ilves that a nation’s influence (and its GDP) can be grown by extending its eFootprint (footprint on the internet measured in terms of volume/quality of citations, economic and other indicators).

Growing Estonia’s eFootprint (I continued) would increase its share of voice, so too would grow awareness of, and interest in, its wonderful assets (from flying squirrels to Saaremaa Marsh Orchids to virgin forests and beaches and oh so much more)

eFootprint development would also create wider access to Estonian opinions (especially on the EU or its neighbour to the east ..say no more)

Anyway I was very pleased, the President and I discussed this for at least 5 minutes and he even asked for a card saying he found the area very interesting (probably just to get rid of me, I was getting a bit excited !)

Watch this space and Viva Estonia !
I am off to the Eesti Maja in Leicester this weekend to join the celebrations..

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