Think Tank

Last week after Eturundus!4 there was the first PeaToit!

60 people came to E!4 last week and afterwards about 25 to PeaToit!1.

Special thanks to Peeter Marvet for handling the webcast and to whoever had the idea of joining all the tables together 🙂 Good move.

The feedback for both events was very positive, thankyou (it means we are committed even more than before to continue these events) and it helped inspire a new direction too.

A Think Tank!

To cut a long story short: we are looking at the idea of creating an adhoc panel of highly experienced and creative marketing people (internet and traditional communications too) from both clients and agencies.

I do not want to say too much yet because the idea is still being formed but essentially the Think Tank would offer creative internet strategy for leading Estonian companies.

Already one major company has expressed an interest in being a client.

If you are interested in joining the Think Tank panel then please get in touch…

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