To blog or not to blog? – that is the question

To blog or not to blog? – that is the question
Tallinn Blogfest on September 8th at Reval Hotel Olympia is Estonia’s first conference dedicated to business blogging.
There are somewhere between 7000 and 8000 active blogs in Estonia (according to who produce 10,000 posts per week.
5000 blogs are tracked by and they produce around 500 posts per day.

And the numbers are growing.

Government Ministries, Politicians, entertainers, businesses – they are all blogging with varying degrees of quality and success.

Blogs cannot be ignored as a communication channel in Estonia any longer.

The reach and influence of Estonian blogs are now significant and it’s increasingly important for organisations to have a clear strategy, plan and guidelines for their bloggers – if they decide to blog.

At Tallinn Blogfest 2009 (the first Estonian conference dedicated to commercial blogging) organisations like Skype, the Foreign Ministry, Ärpäev, Estonian Air, Monton and several foreign specialists from UK, Finland and Portugal will share their thoughts and experiences related to blogging.

150 seats are taken so far and we are predicting that around 200 could attend.

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