Tõnis Hinnosaar & Epp-Kristina Keerov M IDM join the altex board

2007 was another successful year for altex.
We our achieved our turnover target of 100%+ growth (a sign of the spiraling demand for internet marketing, as opposed to just banner ads), made a healthy profit (all reinvested as it is every year) and most importantly retained almost every client (80-90% of our revenue is repeat business) as well as adding some important and welcome new ones such as SEB bank and Elion.

This success would not have been achieved without the commitment and high quality work of all the people on our great team but especially Tõnis Hinnosaar and Kris Keerov M IDM.

As a result the various altex shareholders unanimously approved to appoint Kris and Tõnis to the board and also give them shares in the company as a recognition of the faith and trust held in them and their abilities.

Tõnis is Head of Operations in Estonia and specialises, extremely successfully, in web analytics : Measuring and improving the performance of clients’ banner advertising campaigns and websites.

Tõnis Hinnosaar

Kris splits most of her her time between marketing (including handling Eturundus! events) and managing major projects for key clients. She is also the first Estonian person to become a member of the international Institute of Direct Marketing.

Kris Keerov

Tõnis and Kris will play a key role in satisfying clients, engaging new team members (get in touch if you want to work with us), maintaining ambitious financial growth and keeping us ahead of the competitors that are sure to emerge this year (2008)

My (Robin) own role is changing (although I still focus on key clients projects) : expansion to Latvia, UK and Lithuania; Investor and partner relations; and business development strategy for our main activities:

altex marketing – European internet marketing agency based in Tallinn, London & Riga
Spindo Club (see
AngloEstonian (an umbrella projects building bridges between digital media sectors in Uk and Estonia)
Eturundus! emarketing events

PS We have some other plans for 2008 but don’t want to spill the beans yet…watch this space….

PPS The only bad thing about appointing Kris and Tõnis to join me on the board is that they can now outvote me !! I had better watch out 🙂

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