Tricky Men

To celebrate the launch of (altex handles content strategy, content writing and website promotion as a sub-contractor of Webmedia) Web Media threw a small party a few weeks ago.

We had a meal together with some EAS and Web Media people at Scotland Yard, Tallinn.

Before that we raced at Laitse Rally Park.

I won the single tricky mees race (meaning I got the fastest time for driving a car that turns the opposite way when you turn the steering wheel).

In the doubles tricky race I partnered with Viljar Süsi and we came third.
Viljar was the navigator and I drove blindfolded!!!

It was great fun so thanks to WM.

tricky racers at Laitse rally park Estonia

tricky racers at Laitse rally park Estonia

I am the the one second from right below.

Photo Credit: Indrek Uri, Art Director, Web Media

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