Twitter Commercial Sevices & Features

Biz Stone, Twiiter founder, has confirmed in email to Silicon Business Insider that Twitter will offer paid commercial services / features at some point.

Key point: Companies and individuals will always be able to use Twitter for free; the for-sale features will be add-ons.

Biz Stone’s email said: “Commercial entities like Whole Foods, Starbucks, Mission Pie, 52 Teas, JetBlue, even the Korean taco truck guy are all on Twitter—users and businesses alike are finding value.

Our question is, how can we help? What can Twitter offer for a fee that will improve the experience? Will it be account verification? Will it be lightweight analytics? Will there be opportunities for introducing customers to businesses on Twitter.

So many questions. But the key is to understand that Twitter will remain free for all to use—individuals and companies alike. We are thinking about simple business products that enhance and encourage what is already happening.”

At altex we thinks that’s great news and will continue our investigations and experiments into how organisations can extract value from Twitter.

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