alien spaceships in the mind

I am a sci-fi fan but I admit to never having been convinced about UFO stories.
I would LIKE to believe that alien spaceships float around above us, making contact here and there, but somehow I think the reports are either by “crazy people” or hoaxers.

Under the Freedom of Information Act in the UK it looks like the truth is out.

UFOs are called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) by the British Ministry of Defence.

Apparently these flying objects are “plasmas”:

From Phsyorg:

“The four year study, codenamed Project Condign, says that unexplained UFO sightings are caused by ‘plasmas’, which create false memories of alien experiences and burn the skin. The report says these plasmas are rare and are created by ‘more than one set of weather and electrically charged conditions’. Another of the causes may be ‘by meteor re-entry, the meteors neither burning up completely nor impacting as meteorites but forming buoyant plasmas’

The report states that plasmas have been proven to cause responses in the temporal lobe of the human brain, and claims that this may cause observers to suffer extended memory retention and repeat experience which may be ‘a key factor in influencing the more extreme reports… [which] are clearly believed by the ‘victims’.’ It also says that radiated effects from these plasmas can in rare instances be enough to scorch the skin.

The report refers to UFOs as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) and asserts that they pose little or no danger to aircraft unless violent manoeuvres are undertaken to either chase or avoid them. However, it does say that they have caused fatalities in other countries where aircraft have deliberately chased the UAP.

The report states ‘that UAP exist is indisputable… [they] clearly can exhibit aerodynamic characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile – either manned or unmanned’.

The report’s official title is Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) in the UK Air Defence Region and it was classified as Secret. It was written by a mysterious, un-named Defence Intelligence expert between 1996 and 2000 and was unearthed by Dr David Clarke from Sheffield Hallam University. Dr Clarke and colleague Gary Anthony used the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to the document. “

Times Online also covers the story Sorry ET, you’re just a puff of plasma

Or is this just another goverment cover up, double bluff 🙂 ?

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Holly —

Is this actually believable to anyone? This is seriously silly and a poor excuse for a cover-up… I don’t know what this shared experience is or where it comes from; but the above is NOT a plausible explanation.

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Robin Gurney

I have to say I do find it believable but I would love someone to show its not true. It’s a bit of a boring solution I admit so anyone out there who has evidence (rather than opinion) to dispute the findings of the report?

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