UK digital skills crisis

On J Friday, January 11th 2008 at 3.30pm AngloEstonian will officially launch at the Estonian Embassy in London.

We are honoured that Dr Margus Laidre, The Estonian Ambassador to the UK, will make an opening statement.

Altex in cooperation with Inspiral/Wiseman, ADM, Mobi, Velvet, Modera, Structure Media, Saurus, WebMedia, Helmes, Mail2Market and Web2 have agreed to join forces to get a piece of the UK market.

We have invited 100 top UK digital media agencies to attend and the likes of Wunderman,, Lateral and OgilvyOne will be there. Plus some direct clients will attend too, Virgin Games being the most prominent name perhaps so far.

Each of the handpicked invited guests is serious about outsourcing as one of the alternatives to solve the growing digital skills shortage in the UK.
In the mix will hopefully be a few prominent journalists and bloggers.
Äripäev have deemed it worthy enough to send someone over to cover the event.

There are opportunities in the UK for any credible experienced companies or individuals and AngloEstonian hopes to become the most traveled bridge between Estonia and those opportunities.

In addition to to the launch event I have been asked to speak at Chinwag’s Skills Emergency event on January 29th

About the digital skills crisis in the UK:

“UK (Digital) Agency rates are 20% higher than elsewhere in Western Europe (according to NMA Report September 2007) and perhaps a further 25-35% higher than in Estonia (based on comparison prices). Compound that with UK agency recruitment problems where NMA states that a shortage of people means increased costs, massive growth in freelancing, significant production problems and great difficult in finding experienced people.”
Source: TOP100 Interactive Agencies Report 2007, NMA

“Clients are moaning about getting stuff done. Strategy is part of the problem but there are huge production based issues in the agency world. There aren’t enough people to solve the problems for the clients.”
Alistair Duncan, CEO, MRM Worldwide

“There’s a worrying perception that UK digital shops are expensive. It’s a problem we need to address, it’s a barrier to progress.”
Rob Forshaw, Grand Union

If you know anyone in the UK who wants an invitation: ask them pls to request one from me at robin at altex dot ee
or call me on +44 (0)7894 997925

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