Video of the altex marketing team

Here’s a short (less than one minute) musical video collage of (most of) the key people at altex.
We put it together to display on the screens at Pärnu Turunduskonvenrents.

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vipu —

Aga miks eestlastel on nii tähtis olla kõiges esimene. Esimene see firma, esimene too firma… Kas Altexil on tõesti vettpidavad tõendid nagu nad tõesti oleksid Eestis antud valdkonnas esimesed? Kahtlen

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Robin Gurney

I confess the slogan “First Estonian Internet marketing Agency” was my idea – I am not Estonian and to be honest I don’t think its soooo important.

For the past couple of years our slogan was “aeg eksperimenteerida” – time to experiment- as we encouraged the Estonian market to experiment with emarketing.
That was achieved and now many companies are doing emarketing and we are happy we helped provoke that – so our message had to change/evolve.

Given that “everyone” seems to be an emarketing specialist now (web designers offering services, ad agencies creating digital arms and media buyers moving into email and search) we thought our positioning had to change to reflect and clarify our history and position in market.

As far as I know altex was the first specialist internet marketing agency to form in Estonia and I think most people would agree with that. So chronologically I believe the statement is correct but maybe pre-dot com crash (PRE 2002) there was an attempt at an emarketing agency. I have heard rumours about one but it did not survive anyway – too early (but I would like to hear the story if anyone knows? It would be good to interview the people involved if an emarketing agency existed back then).

When we think of “first” meaning “leading or best” then that’s more subjective I agree.
Possibly its measured by turnover? Just under 6M eek last year
Or by reputation? ask around
Or by breadth of services and partnerships? check

I happily admit that altex can’t be the best in everything we do but we can be and are in some areas and we try to improve in them all through continuous experimentation and study.

But, for now at least, I believe altex is still the best internet marketing agency in Estonia and I don’t see any problem in claiming therefore to be “first”.

Of course you are welcome to dispute that, that’s your right.

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Peeter —

“media turundus”? Milles te esimesed olitegi?

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Robin Gurney

Sorry Peeter, I don’t quite get the question. We don’t claim to be first “media marketing” anything. First “internet marketing agency” in Estonia – nothing more, nothing less.
Perhaps you could contact me off the blog at or recomment here.

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Peeter —

Minu viide oli õigekirja veale videos. Sõna “media” on küll mõistetav, kuid ei sobi selles kontekstis. “sotsiaalse media turundus” on vigane lause.

Kui teie ettevõte reklaamib end kui esimest (parimat), siis ei tohiks te endale nii lihtsaid vigu lubada. Kui te juba eneseülistuses eksite, kuidas siis on klientide asjadega?

Kaheldava grammatilise väärtusega on ka fraasid “otsimootori turundus” ja “emaili turundus”. Stiili poolest lonkab kõrvuti paiknev paar “Emaili turundus” ja “emaili turunduse tarkvara”.

Nagu näete, olen teie reklaami “õnge läinud” ja selle sisuga põhjalikult tutvunud. Olen tuttav ka siinviidatud “emaili turunduse tarkvaraga”, mille sisu on samuti puudulik ja kasutajatugi olematu.

Sellest ka minu sarkasm. Milles te esimesed olete?

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Robin Gurney

Hands up Peeter ref language issues -there does seem to be some debate over the right way to express English language terms in Estonian. I will pass on your message to our copy writers and if you are right that we have made mistakes then of course, they will be shot at dawn.

What’s more worrying is your claim that our email marketing software is faulty and that there is no help. That’s news to us and I would urge you to contact me or immediately so we can address the issues. As far as I know we respond well to client enquiries but it is possible we missed something.

Ref mistakes in the software -well, every software has a few bugs but pls be aware that behind epostel there is actually a large team of developers who are working only on that – to improve and develop it. epostel is new, its cheap and simple to use but of course it might not be perfect -yet.

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Robin Gurney

Peeter – I understand from Meelis that actually you are probably referring to M2M email marketing software. If so then we have already announced to clients and newsletter list that we no longer represent them. We too have had development and service issues which was one reason why we chose to create

M2M complaints should be directed here:

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Jee! Tänud Peetrile – hea meel on väljaspoolt tugijõudusid lisaks saada :))
Meil, nagu ilmselt enamikel uue aja mitmekeelsetel agentuuridel, on igal spetsialistil pisut isemoodi arusaam tema valdkonda puudutavatest terminitest.

Pealegi tundub, et see on väga palju laiem teema – keelelistele iseärasustele lisaks tekitavad küsimusi ka nende mõistete taga peituv olemuslik sisu ja agentuuride puhul teenuste katvus. Aasta tagasi oli teemaks ühtse Internetiturunduse Sõnaraamatu loomine, mis aitaks tarbijal, reklaamikliendil ja teenusepakkujal ühele lainele saada. Näib, et see küsimus on siiani aktuaalne 🙂

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