Wanted: Internet Manager

Studio Moderna, the largest electronic retailer in Central & Eastern Europe, is looking for a marketing professional to manage their online marketing in Estonia.

As the EE Internet Manager you will have the opportunity to:

· Work with the largest direct response company in CEE, with more than 400 hours of daily TV air time and more than 140 webstores across the region

· Achieve a high level of multichannel marketing proficiency, since you will be charged with integrating TV marketing, internet marketing, direct mail, retail and telemarketing activities, to achieve maximum online sales results

· Learn from the rich direct marketing experience accumulated in 21 European markets, as well as help others grow with your expertise.
Previous marketing experience is required, plus a good understanding of the Internet and excellent communications skills.

Please send your CV and request to aigor.byzov @, Studio Moderna EE Managing Director. Please quote reference: »altex blog«

NOTE: This is an advert, not editorial, but we feel it might be of interest to Estonian internet marketers looking for a challenge.

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Jüri Kaljundi

What do you mean by “the largest electronic retailer”? They are a marketing consulting company as far as I know – can that be called retailing?

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Rok Hrastnik

Studio Moderna is not a marketing consulting company. It’s core business is DRTV (Direct Response Television) for its own brands, such as Top Shop, Dormeo, Kosmodisk, Rovus and others, which it combines with online marketing, homeshopping, direct mail, print, catalogue, retail & wholesale and of course telemarketing, which is our backbone.

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Robin Gurney

Thanks for clarifying that Rok.
Jüri makes a good point though generally.

When a company sells its own brands and other peoples then it comes down to the individual business relationships. I do not not know about SM but some companies make their own products, commission others, represent others, buy/sell others.

Some supermarkets who resell/retail other brands also ask for money to run special POS promoting a specific product. Getting home page real estate on some e-stores can come with a premium price ticket attached.

Not my field but I think the lines are blurring..

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Rok Hrastnik

Robin, you are absolutely correct.

And it is also quite possible that Studio Moderna EE might offer some marketing consultancy services, although I’m not sure about that. If they do, it’s out of my area of responsibility (direct online sales of our products and brands).

In our case, looking just at our core business, Top Shop is our “retail” brand, sold primarily through electronic means (DRTV as such is an electronic media), through which we offer sourced products from different suppliers, while Dormeo, Rovus and Kosmodisk are our own propietary brands.

But yes, most definetly, the retailing market is becoming increasingly complex.

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