Web Based Communities

IADIS is organising Web Based Communities 2007 and has put out a call for papers on the following subjects:

A. The history, architecture and future of virtual communities

1. From mobility to connectivity
2. Identity and augmented ideologies
3. Visionary web architectures, implanted computers
4. Network revolutions, post-colonial and post-modern societies
5. Escaping from reality, virtual reality and multi-user games
6. Towards alternative ways of presence

B. Group processes and self-organization

1. Tele-democracy, morality, netiquette
2. Social networks, tribal- and open communities, peace education
3. Computer mediated-, hyper- and narrative communication, woven stories
4. MUDs, MOOs and avatars
5. Hosting web-based communities
6. Nationalities, ethnicities and gender effects

C. Cyborgs, teleworking, telemedicine, art games and learning communities

1. Fading hierarchies and epistemic dictatorship
2. Distributed cognition, the electronic cortex and constructivism
3. Community directories
4. Mechanic world, organic computer
5. Agents and the vectorized self
6. Beyond metaphors: imagining and representation
7. Communizing as a marketing approach

D. Expanding markets through virtual communities

1. The WWW as digital market place
2. The enterprise as a learning community
3. The learning as a road map for business
4. Universities as online communities
5. Business-to-business communication in profit- and non profit sectors

E. Virtual communities for people with special needs

1. Access to public spaces
2. Accessibility and long-term disabilities
3. Virtual communities in health care

Important Dates:

– Submission (2nd call): 18 December 2006
– Notification to Authors (1st call): 15 December 2006
– Final Camera-Ready Submission and Early Registration (1st call): Until 8 January 2007
– Late Registration (1st call): After 8 January 2007
– Conference: Salamanca, Spain, 18 to 20 February 2007

PS: The better papers will be candidate for the “International Journal of Web Based Communities” (IJWBC); ISSN: 1477 – 8394 [4 issues per year]

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