Usability Analysis

Overview of Usability Analysis

Benefits of Usability Analysis

Web Usability measures and improves the quality of a websites user experience

Common problems that websites can have: there is no clear call to action; misleading labels and navigation; poor functionality – broken links, scripting errors; long loading times due to overuse of large graphics, Java applets, ad banners; poor readability because of inappropriate design; no tools to aid choice. Even when only one those obstacles occurs, it can affect user satisfaction remarkably and can damage your websites objectives and hinder reaching the goals you have set.

To improve the website navigation processes and logic and to create web environment that is enjoyable and easy to use, it is good idea to carry out a web usability analysis and to pinpoint potential weaknesses.

The main goal of improving websites usability is allowing the most important website user groups to complete their tasks as quickly, simply and as enjoyably as possible.

  • Ease of learning – User who has never seen the user interface can learn easily and quickly to use the website and is able to accomplish goal tasks with ease.
  • Efficiency of use – Once an experienced user has learned to use the system, he/she can accomplish tasks quickly and without problems.
  • Memorability– The navigation is easy to remember and creates familiarity that allows user to feel comfortable going through the processes again and again.
  • Eliminating errors – How often is it possible for users to make errors while using the system, how serious are these errors, and how do users recover from these errors? By eliminating the possibility of errors beforehand and by protecting the users with safety and backup options, you are ensuring less problems for your users and for you.
  • Subjective satisfaction – Make your users feel welcome and happy when they are navigating your site.


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