Web Content Strategy

Web Content Strategy Service Overview

Benefits of Web Content Strategy

A well written and thorough Web Content Strategy is the backbone of a successful website.Good strategy defines the type of content needed, the processes behind creating that content and the work-flows  involved in keeping that content up-to-date.

Web Content Strategy provides also stylistic guidance to those creating the content with the aim of keeping the website within a unified frame in regards to tone of voice, style and quality.

Web Content Strategy analyzes the available value-adding features of the website to maximize traffic and create meaningful content to meet visitors needs and expectations.

  • Web Content Strategy is the starting point for creating a good web development plan, it helps you to acknowledge and highlight the steps you need to take.
  • A well written Web Content Strategy enables you to organize your web development processes for creating a content and webpage design aimed at target groups you want to address.
  • Web Content Strategy defines clear roles of the stakeholders (writers, editors and others) in the content creation process and provides guidelines for work.


Related Services

In the terms of projects we usually compile the price offer and the work will be done according to the fixed project price. There is also available an hour-based consultancy. The price mainly depends on the size of the website and on the thoroughness of the current situation analysis. Depending on the specific project, for example, sometimes it is wise to do the analyses of the competitors and the existing content (in web or in any other form), in-depth research of the target group, etc. While in some other projects it does not make sense to be that exhaustive.

To make it easier to start we have also put together Web Content Strategy Package based on our years of experience.