What are Russian speakers saying about the Euro in Estonian social media?

What are Russian speakers saying about the Euro in Estonian social media?

Between October 13th and November 10th 2010, Altex Marketing analysed Russian language discussion in Estonian online social and mainstream media about the adoption of the EURO currency.

Main part of the discussion about the EURO takes place within Blogs (47,9%), whereas Twitter and other MicroMedia is second (36,6%) and Mainstream news (,,,,, – third (15,5%).

The main topics that people are discussing:

– EURO calculators send out to the society
– Estonian EURO coins available on eBay
– Car fines reduction with the EURO shift
– Possible interruptions in ATM/ banks/ gas station operations
– EURO money transportation to Estonia by trucks
– Advice on how to avoid counterfeit money
– Advice on how to turn in Estonian Kroons to the banks
– Prediction of how much Estonian Kroons are going to cost after the EURO shift

The majority of sentiment is neutral in these discussions and comments but there is a minority of negative opinion about:

– EURO decreasing Estonian consumer optimism (perhaps due to expected price increases)
– Some people wanting to keep the Estonian Kroon because it is so familiar

The graphs in the full report show that both media and people are increasingly engaged in the EURO discussion (where blogs and MicroMedia still take leading positions).

Comparing discussions levels about the EURO and the Kroon, we see people discussing the Euro 10 times more than the Kroon.

For a free copy of the full report please contact Robin Gurney

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