What's happening in Estonia?

This morning I read that UKNM people are saying nice things about Estonians 🙂

“I was over there for the latest E!UK event
along with representatives from Glue, Lateral, Golley Slater,
E-consultancy and Eyewonder. The event was partly to share experiences
of the UK market with Estonian companies, and also to build bridges
between companies in both countries.

It’s hard to believe Estonia was a Soviet-ruled Communist country in
1991. It’s a very modern and energetic society, particularly when it
comes to anything digital. Skype’s tech development is based there as
well as a range of agencies developing mobile apps, providing web tech
and marketing skills. There’s a strong entrepreneurial culture and as
far as I’m aware, very little in the way of investment, which has driven
a bootstrap culture with great networking.

We went along to OpenCoffee in Tallinn (the capital) the day after the
conference, where over 40 people gathered to chat. Quite a range of
characters including the one of the country’s leading Java developers
and Estonia’s equivalent of Mark Zuckerburg, a much more colourful

What was most interesting to me, were the amount of meetings that went
on between the UK (and Dutch) guys and gals who came over and local
companies, particularly for tapping into the production and design
resources inside the country.

Estonia is a pretty small market (2m [correction: just under 1.4 m actually], light ecommerce, but heavy mobile
usage) which makes it particularly interesting for testing new ideas,
working in developing markets and getting to grips with outsourcing.
Also, because they’re about 2 years behind the UK in adoption,
techniques which are proving more difficult here due to attrition and
consumer lethargy still work very well.

We had a couple of conversations with the organisers (one of whom is on
UKNM, hello Robin) about running an event in London later in the year,
I’ll let everyone know as soon as we have details.

Oh, and the sausages are particularly fine.

Toodle Pip

Sam Michel, CEO – e: sam at chinwag dot com


I’ve been involved in some print projects and have found the people I deal
with very supportive of new ideas and work to make things happen in a very
effective way (cost effective/high quality).

Certainly a country of young people open to ideas.


Leslie Bunder

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