Why is altex posting "political" stories ?

Some of our regular readers may be wondering why altex is blogging about the current situation in Estonia and the worsening relations between the Russian and Estonian governments.

The reason is simple: I, Robin Gurney, feel a need to get the Estonian (government) point of view across and it is not being given fair representation in foreign media – especially online.
Without doubt the Russian news agencies / communications ministry (or whatever they are called) have a better handle on disseminating information via the web.

So this is my small contribution to try to redress the balance and create a more equal share of voice online.

I must add however that our reporting of the Estonian government views (and that’s what they are) does not necessarily mean I personally (ar the people who work at altex – leave them out of it please) agree with all of them.

I am trying to keep an open mind on the whole issue however it certainly seems as though the Russian government is up to something “unhealthy”.

It does however seem obvious, to me at least, (and I don’t pretend to understand Estonian-Russian history/relations enough to feel 100% sure of what I am saying) that the way the Bronze Soldier situation was handled / is being handled could be better.

How? Don’t ask me. It seems the Estonian government is between a rock and a hard place on the issue but at least, for better or worse, the Russian government is showing its colours to the rest of the world.

The big question is how will / should the EU respond to this?

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David Phillips

Robin, continuing cyber-attacks from the servers of Russian state authorities denying access between the government and people of Estonia is an act of war as surely as if there was a tank on the lawn outside Parliament.

I just cannot imagine what such an attack would provoke in Berlin, Paris or London and so expect the EU to respond especially as Russia is now using the energy weapon.

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