Will McInnes's Tips for Estonian Businesses

Will McInnes is coming to Estonia to deliver a workshop called Running Effective Digital Campaigns.

We are excited about that and are sending 3 people from altex.

As Will is based in my hometown, Brighton, and we share a common friend (Sam Michel from UKNM who helped with E!UK) I thought I would give him a call and say hi.

I explained to Will that many companies in Estonia are very small and don’t have budget for big agency campaigns.
I asked him to share his top three tips for small business on a tight budget.

Here is what he said:

“Here’s 3 tips for a small business wanting to promote itself in social media:

1. Try it out – this isn’t an environment where you can really understand the rules and norms by standing by the side and buying the odd advert. Instead, the most successful small organisations thrive in new online spaces by trialling out different approaches. Social media can seem big and scary from the sidelines: when you get involved you’ll find people just like you.

2. Listen before talking back – most mistakes are made by organisations that start talking about themselves selfishly without listening to others first. In new social spaces the best advice is to first familiarise yourself with the environment, the key players, the themes of conversations. Then you should start by being helpful: add value, don’t selfishly self-promote.

3. Measure everything – social media isn’t easy to measure, but it’s not harder than most forms of marketing. Look for real-world measures that can provide a proxy – things like sales, enquiries or comments left, rather than worrying too much about exactly what happens on the social networks.”

If you want to find out more about Will’s company then visit their website: NixonMcInnes

If you want to book a seat at the “Running Effective Digital Campaigns” workshop (we suggest you do) then visit Best Internet 2008

That’s it and thank you Will.

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