World Usability Day

This is a call to action.

Is anyone interested in helping put together a website usability seminar for the 14th November?


Because it’s World Usability Day and everyone has a right to have things that work better.

Normally we would be happy at altex to put one together ourselves but we have Eturundus! 7 (Värske Veri) and E!8 (Building a brand online) on our plates already.

Please spread the word and get in touch if you would like to be involved.
We will need speakers, a location etc. etc.

It’s probably a bit ambitious at such short but hell, you gotta try….

altex would be happy to support a thrid party who wanted to manage the project.

If you want to volunteer to help WUD anyway then here is where the organisers detail their “volunteer opportunities” wish list

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